Sunspa Benelux

Over the years, Sunspa has had the honor of providing numerous clients with Spas in their garden or other outdoor locations. Sunspa has become the market leader in the Spa field thanks to its unmatched product range and inventory. Moreover, its service across multiple locations in the Benelux is unparalleled.

Having a Spa from Sunspa at your house is like having your own wellness center. This will be your favorite spot to relax after a stressful workday or an intensive workout, or even if you just want to spend time with friends and family during the weekend. Enjoy the warm water and the massage jets of your own Spa.

Plenty of relaxation and pleasure, it’s a delight for everyone!

Spas of the highest quality!

All Spa models from Sunspa are manufactured using the best materials and components. The built-in operating system from the American company Balboa Water Group is nearly flawless, and the spa shells from the American company Aristech Acrylics are almost indestructible.

Not without importance, all of our Spa models are very eco-friendly. Thanks to the convenient operating system – which offers you three different programs – you are able to minimize your energy consumption.

Sunspa offers you the quality you should expect.

Always the best deal

Here at Sunspa you’ve come to the right place to get the best Spa deals. We guarantee you the lowest prices for the hot tub of your dreams, as well as the best service and warranty.

The delivery and installation of our Spas is ensured by our partner Sunspa Service. They have extensive experience in transporting and installing Spas. In addition, they are also responsible for taking care of possible defects. This way, you are ensured professional and prompt handling of any problem.

Do you want to buy a Spa or are you just curious to know what a Spa could do for you? We at Sunspa would be happy to welcome you to any one of our showrooms in either Holland or Belgium. Coffee is ready!