Everything about jacuzzis and spas

A growing number of people are choosing a Spa instead of a pool in their yard/garden. The main advantage of a Spa is that it’s not seasonal and that it can be used all year round, including the autumn and winter months as well. Furthermore, a spa barely requires any maintenance and takes up less space than a traditional pool.

Health and well-being

We live in a time full of stress and tension.  More and more people are consciously seeking ways to relax, and many have discovered the wonderful benefits of a Spa on their mind and body. Several studies have shown that a Spa even has healing and curative properties for the health.

The buoyancy of water reduces body weight by 90%, thus the pressure on joints and muscles significantly decreases. This relieves the pain in limbs and muscles, but also lessens/alleviates rheumatic pain or symptoms of diabetes.

Warm water improves blood circulation and widens the blood vessels. The resulting supply of oxygen and nutrients leads to faster recovery of tired muscles and damaged tissues, and accelerates the natural healing of the body.

Furthermore, hydrotherapy (a form of therapy that uses water to alleviate certain complaints/symptoms) can have healing properties thanks to the combination of heat, massage, and buoyancy; for example, it may help with headaches, chronical back, neck, and shoulder problems or even joint pain. The location of the jets is of crucial importance to benefit from this form of therapy.


It is also important to note the fact that a Spa is much cheaper than a pool. It is often assumed that only wealthy people can buy a Spa / hottub. Sunspa guarantees the lowest price on every model. This allows you to buy your own Spa by making it affordable for you.