The Spas from Sunspa are made from the best components and materials: each detail is developed, manufactured, and tested thoroughly. A Sunspa fulfills the highest quality standards. The most important components of the Spas from Sunspa are highlighted below:

The Spa Shell

A good Spa begins with a good spa shell: our spa shells are manufactured by Aristech Acrylics, the world’s leading company in the field of acrylic shells.  Different layers of woven glass fiber in combination with dense urethane insulation result in a tremendous strong shell structure, resistant against scratches, water and extreme weather conditions. It makes the spa shell almost indestructible. In addition, the smooth surface makes it easy and quick to clean the shell.

The operating system

All operating systems from the Sunspa Spas are manufactured by the renowned premium brand Balboa®. Balboa® is the world leader in Spa components; this includes control systems, operating systems, jets and accessories. The Balboa products are characterized by their high quality, pioneering technology and modern designs.

The operating system is very simple to operate, and possibly even more important is the fact that this system is almost flawless, in comparison to other systems. You will thus be assured an optimally functioning operating system.

As mentioned before, the operating system is very easy to operate and is also totally programmable. The system is designed from the user’s point of view: the large display offers preprogrammed factory settings, which include a standard program, an economic program, a sleep mode, and multiple massage options. These programs are set to be highly efficient and at the same time very economical in the use of energy. The temperature of the water is automatically maintained at the temperature chosen by you. The Balboa® operating system thinks along with you!

Basic materials

The frame of all Spa models from Sunspa is made from solid impregnated wood, which is manufactured under high pressure. The cabinet is mounted on this frame and the bottom of the tub is sealed with a material that is resistant to moisture/humidity, which ensures that the frames are able to withstand extreme weather conditions.

Lastly, it is important to mention that all Spas are insulated with a thick layer of insulating material. This ensures an optimal insulation and a minimum loss of heat. On the inside of the synthetic outside panels, insulation foil is used, which ensures a double insulation. Every Spa also has a double bottom, which minimizes the usage costs of your Spa.