The shell of all Sunspa spa models is from the Aristech Acrylics brand. Aristech is one of the largest and most prominent companies in the field of acrylic tubs.

After the molding process, Aristech tubs are provided with a special vinyl ester layer and then a polyester reinforcing underlay. This layer is built up from several layers until the tub has become a self-supporting whole, making deformation impossible. The cockpit is later mounted in a stainless steel frame or is fitted with a plastic frame, which is also the bottom plate.

The material of the acrylic tubs consists of several layers of woven glass fiber in combination with compact urethane insulation. This combination results in an incredibly strong structure that is resistant to scratches, water and all kinds of weather influences.

The acrylic color is fully incorporated so that no wear spots can occur and the color will still look like new after years. Thanks to the smooth surface of the tub, it is also very easy to clean.


All our spa models have an impregnated wooden frame on which we give a 25-year warranty. The frame forms the construction and acts as the foundation of the spa. The most important parts of the spa such as the pumps and Balboa control system are attached to the frame.

In addition, both the cockpit and the casing rest on the frame, making it extremely important that the frame is solid and sturdy. A wooden frame provides excellent for this.

Wood has significant advantages over all other materials commonly used in other spas such as plastic or metal.

Due to the unique cell structure, wood also has very good insulating properties. The use of a wooden frame in the spa saves a lot of energy during its entire lifespan.

Finally, an important advantage of a wooden spa frame is that wood has natural sound-absorbing properties. The sound of the spa pumps is thus optimally dampened.


All models in our spa range have an ozonator. A spa / jacuzzi ozonator is a device that produces ozone gas with the help of a UV lamp or CD chip.

This ozone gas is used to clean the water in your spa or jacuzzi. It is a fast acting disinfectant and oxidizing agent for the water in your spa or jacuzzi.

With an ozonator in your spa, you are assured of crystal clear water. Due to the cleaning effect of an ozonator, you also need to use less chlorine.

This means you have very little risk of irritation to the eyes and mucous membranes because, if you use the ozonator properly, you can keep the concentration of chlorine in the water to a minimum.

Operating system

The control system of all spa hot tub models from Sunspa Benelux are from the renowned top brand Balboa ®. Balboa ® is the world leader in spa components such as control systems, control systems, jets and accessories. Balboa ® products are characterized by high quality, advanced technology and modern designs.

The control system is very easy to operate and perhaps more importantly, it has the fewest failures compared to other systems. This way you are assured of an optimally functioning operating system.

As mentioned, the control system is easy to operate and fully programmable. The controls are designed from the user’s point of view. The large display offers you pre-programmed factory settings such as a standard program, an economic program, a sleep mode and various massage options.

All programs on the Balboa operating system are set in such a way that you have optimal efficiency with very low energy consumption. The water is automatically kept at the temperature you have selected. The water filtering can also be set according to your wishes. The Balboa ® operating system thinks along with you!