Who does not dream of coming home after a busy workday and being able to enjoy the soothing warmth of their own hot tub? What many people ignore nowadays is that owning your own hot tub is far less expensive than it used to be even a couple of years ago.

In order to relax and to unwind, we are often inclined to treat ourselves with a relaxing wellness day in a wellness resort.  During such a day, you will get pampered, and spending time in a hot tub is often part of the arrangement. However, enjoying such a luxurious day is often very expensive, and even more unfortunate is the fact that the fun is over so quickly. Having a own Spa in your backyard offers you the wellness you have longed for, whenever you want it, and all year round.

If you want to buy a Spa, or are still just prospecting, but do not want to pay the highest price, you have come to the right place. We do not sell cut-rate Jacuzzis, but we do sell Spas of the highest quality at the lowest prices. This way, you will pay the price for an inexpensive Spa, but you are guaranteed to enjoy the benefits of a Spa of the highest quality with the best warranty.

Spa outlet

At every Sunspa location, several outlet models are always available in addition to the newest models. On our Spa outlet page you can find all current offers on our outlet tubs. All these models are offered at incredible prices!

Looking for a large hot tub for 6 people, or simply to enjoy the company of your partner in a smaller hot tub? At our outlet, you are guaranteed to find the Spa of your dreams, at the cheapest price.

Are you looking for the cheapest Spa with the highest quality and the most luxury options? Do not hesitate to stop by in one of our showrooms. No competitor will offer you a better deal than the one you will receive at Sunspa.