Maintenance of your Spa

A Spa from Sunspa barely requires maintenance. If you pay attention to the following recommendations, you will make sure to enjoy the pleasures of your Jacuzzi for years to come.

  • Clean and renew the water regularly.
  • Clean the filter cartridge at least once a week, by using a garden hose. Put the filter once a month in a bucket or basin with water and two cleaning tablets. Let it soak for one hour and finish by rinsing the filter thoroughly.
  • Take a shower (without using any soap) before entering your Spa and wash your swimsuits without detergent. This way, you make sure to avoid that soap and detergent contaminate the water of your Spa.
  • Do not leave the Spa standing in the sun without water or an appropriate cover. Exposure to direct sunlight can damage your spa shell.
  • Cover up your Spa when you do not use it (empty or not). Always provide protection in case of rain or snow.
  • Do not tip over your Spa: it might damage the structure.
  • Do not open the control panel/cabinet in the equipment compartment. You are not responsible for servicing your Spa, so this is unnecessary.

Cleaning the Spa shell

To clean the inside of the Spa, it is recommended to use a soft cloth or sponge, and maybe even a gentle cleaning product. Never use corrosive or acid cleaning products!

The best time to clean your tub is when you periodically renew the water. Seize this opportunity to hose the tub down with a garden hose. If you use a gentle brush with a long stem, the job will be done quickly.

Cleaning the filter

The filter cartridge can get clogged with scale, which can lead to an inefficient water circulation. It is therefore recommended to clean the filter cartridge weekly. Remove the cartridge from the filter housing and let it soak in a basin of water with 1 or 2 spoons of granulate.

Reinstall the filter into its housing when this is done, and then close the lid. Do not forget to replace the filter cartridge every six to eight months, or earlier if the cartridge is obstructed or broken (in which case you will need to install a new cartridge in the filter).

During the winter

The Spas from Sunspa are designed to maintain the water at a constant temperature of approximately 38 degrees. This ensures that a Spa is not just a seasonal product, and that it can be used all year round, including during the colder autumn and winter months. Research has even shown that the therapeutic effects of a Spa are even higher when the outside temperature is considerably lower than the temperature of the water.

If you use your Spa during the winter, you need to take the following recommendations into consideration:

When the temperature sensors within the heater detect a decrease of the temperature down to 6.7 degrees Celsius (approximately 44 F), the pump will automatically be activated to protect the Spa against freezing. The pump continues to work until four minutes after the sensors in the Spa perceive a temperature of 7.2 degrees (or higher).

As an additional precaution, it is recommended to protect your Spa with a cover, not only to avoid partial freezing of certain components and parts, but also to maximize the energy efficiency of the Spa. If the locks of the cover are frozen, do not try to scrape off the ice, but spray them with warm water.

Your Spa during the winter

Please note that it is recommended to also use your Spa during the winter months, to avoid freezing of the pumps or the plumbing. If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. Sunspa will not be liable for any frost damage if the client chooses not to use the Spa during the winter months.