The service for our Spas is provided by Sunspa Service Nederland (hereafter SSN). This company is also responsible for the transportation and the installation of the Spa. SSN will also deal with possible defects. On the website of SSN, you can use a form to report a defect. For more information, please go to the website of Sunspa Service Nederlands, which you can find under “Spa Service Nederland”.


We provide a five year warranty on the spa shell from the date of the installation of your Spa. We also offer the following warranties: two years on the cabinet, two years on all electrical and technical components (such as the pumps, the jets, the hoses, the LEDS, the operational unit, etc.) and one year on the heater and the ozonator. In addition to the usual manufacturer’s warranty, you can also sign an extra maintenance contract with SSN.

At the time of the installation of your Spa, SSN will thoroughly inform you about this option. The warranty ceases to be in effect if one or more components have been damaged by a defect that has been caused by a situation as described below in the disclaimer. Read this disclaimer before starting to use the Spa.


Damages due to improper use, normal wear and defects that don’t significantly influence the functioning or the value of the product, are not covered by the warranty. The warranty will be revoked if any repairs have been attempted/performed by anyone else other than an approved installer/designated representative and/or in case of use of non-authorized components. Neither the supplier nor the vendor are responsible for an incorrect installation, an inappropriate use or any modifications made by the buyer.  “Modifications” include any operation that can lead to a defect of the Spa or a component, or any operation that can make the operation system unsafe. Damage caused by an incorrect base will not be covered by the warranty. The owner is always/at all times responsible for the correct maintenance of the base.

By inappropriate use we mean every use of the Jacuzzi that does not comply with the user manual or whenever damage is caused by misuse of the Jacuzzi (for instance, if used for purposes for which the Spa was not designed). This includes, among other things: the use of the Spa for non-personal purposes, use of the Spa when the temperature of the water exceeds the maximum allowed; damages as a result of a filthy, clogged or calcified filter; damages caused by trichloro or acid liquids/fluids/solutions or other inappropriate cleaning agents; damages to the spa shell or components of the Spa caused by incorrect water maintenance; damages caused by freeze; damages caused to the spa shell by leaving an empty Spa in the sun without appropriate protection. The supplier or the vendor are not, under any circumstance, responsible for any physical injury or material damage.